Celebrate a Baby Shower in Kansas City

The twin city in the Midwest, straddling the borders between Missouri and Kansas, lies at the junction of the Kansas River with the Missouri, spreading along the high ranks of both rivers. World-popular for its steaks and its jazz, Kansas City is now the hub of an extensive agricultural area. Kansas City is also famous for holiday and your baby shower.

Baby shower party ideas in Kansas City

Union station

Union station was built in 1014 and accommodated 1000s of passengers. It added a waiting room designed to grip up to 10,000 people. The station closed in the 1980s, underwent big renovations and reopened in 1999 with restaurants, shops, and other services. It has much smaller railway services as it now works as an Amtrak shop. Also placed here in Science City. The building itself is pretty remarkable and one of the city main visitor attractions. Celebrate in December here with a Santa for hire and with your girls in celebrating the baby coming.

Airline History Museum

The airline history museum at the Airport Downtown on the northern side of the Kansas is guaranteed to make any flight lover heart beat faster. Here you can relieve the days when people still flew with the propeller machines over the Kansas and Atlantic City was the TWA headquarters. Flight veterans will be only too happy to tell their stories, and guests can take a turn in a Super Constellation or DC.

Toy and Miniature Museum

Placed on the campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Miniature and Toy Museum contains 24 rooms packed with dolls houses, antique dolls, trains, cast iron toys and miniature. The perfect scale contemporary miniatures are rightly scaled reproduction of artifacts and actual art.

Liberty Memorial Museum

The Liberty Memorial Museum is a memorial to be women and men who served in the war, and to those who died. The museum houses many objects from Word War 1. The Egyptian traditional-style memorial, devoted in 1926, builds amazingly above the museum and neighbor areas. The National World War One Museum, below the memorial was opened in 2006.

Kemper Contemporary Art Museum

The permanent set at the Kemper Contemporary Art Museum start with the Crosby and Bebe Kemper collection, which contains works by Robert Mapplethorpe, Georgia O Keeffe, and William Wegman. It now contains a big range of works including sculpture, painting, prints, installations and works on paper, time-based media and photography.

Hallmark visitors center

Placed in the Crown Center complex, the Hallmark visitors centers shows the history of the greeting card industry. It tells the rags-to-riches story of how Joyce hall made an international institution based on caring.