Lyxor: launch of the first European ETF on emerging countries outside China

Lyxor has just created the Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets ex-China UCITS ETF, the leading European tracker focused on emerging markets outside China, offering a new way to access developing economies. comment défiscaliser en immobilier
By launching the Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets ex-China UCITS ETF, Lyxor – a pioneer of ETFs since 2001 – innovates in Europe and offers investors a different way to access developing economies.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis of the IMF’s global economy outlook, China is expected to contribute 28% of global GDP growth in 2019 and 2020. However, many European investors are already exposed to the Middle Kingdom via generalist funds invested in emerging markets and associating China with other countries. investissement défiscalisant
“Given its economic weight, say the officials of Lyxor, we offer investors the opportunity to distinguish between China and other emerging countries in their portfolios. Our new tracker offers exposure to a variety of emerging markets, including Brazil, South Korea, India … Investors can expose themselves to China through a single-country ETF. Our approach, with the launch of the Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets ex-China UCITS ETF, is for investors who want to manage the weighting of their emerging portfolios more accurately. “
A complete range
The new ETF uses a synthetic replication method and has ongoing charges of 0.30%. It is quoted in euros on Deutsche Börse (Xetra) and in US dollars on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Lyxor intends to offer investors a full range to manage their allocations to Emerging Markets and China. Its offering includes the ETF on the cheapest MSCI China index in Europe (with ongoing charges of 0.30%), a single ETF on the MSCI China A index (which already includes the medium capitalization A shares) upstream of their inclusion in the index), as well as an ETF on Chinese companies (HSCEI), launched 12 years ago and which allows exposure to H² shares.
“The launch of this new ETF, says Chanchal Smadder, head of equity strategy Lyxor ETF, allows exposure to 25 developing countries and, in parallel, to achieve its own allocation to China independently. We offer our investors more than 200 ways to explore the markets, whether they are looking for a core portfolio exposure or tactical opportunities, specific to a particular sector or market. “